Anthem One Promises to Break All the Rules with Its Modular Professional Lighting System

Anthem One Promises to Break All the Rules with Its Modular Professional Lighting System

Take a 5.5-inch cube you can hold in your hands and imagine it can put out 30,000 lumens of daylight-balanced light. You change intensities and color temperatures not by switching out the bulb, but by switching out light cards. And if you could then snap the lights together via hidden magnets to double or quadruple your power, you'd now have the new Anthem One. You would be right to be wary of all the new products claiming to do everything better and at less cost than its competitors. But Anthem One isn't some Kickstarter project that will be delivered next year. It's already for sale and will ship in just a couple months.

Anthem One makes a lot of claims it will have to live up to in practice. Compared to the 200+ hours that HMI bulbs often last (and it's often recommended to only use HMI bulbs for half of their life expectancy due to color shifts, etc.), one light card can last as long as 50,000 hours. With a fan to help cool the light for as long as a light card will last, the Anthem One stays relatively cool compared to other continuous lighting solutions of similar brightnesses.

Users can choose from four photography and video-oriented light cards featuring different brightness and temperature characteristics including 20,000 lumens at 4,000K, 21,000 lumens at 3200K, 25,000 lumens at 5600K, and 30,000 lumens at 5,600K. Light cards also exist for military and agricultural applications and will be expanded in the future to additional levels of brightness or color temperatures, which is why Anthem One likens light cards more to computer RAM or hard drives than to bulbs. The spread of each light source ranges from 120° to 60° depending on the attached lens. Each features zero to 100-percent dimming with no color change with the help of an added dimmer to the system.

Four of light cards are currently available for photographic and video use. Anthem One expects a ten-percent per year increase in light card brightness.

Snap four Anthem Ones together, and you have a light as powerful as a 1,600-watt HMI at 11 inches square and 5.5 inches deep (although you would also have four Anthem Power and/or Anthem Power Plus power supplies in total to power them all).

For the full Anthem One light kit, which comes with an Anthem Power and cables, but no light card, expect to pay $1,499. A version with an Anthem Power Plus, which includes a lithium-ion battery system for up to three hours of use at 100-percent power, is available for $2,499. Something of note, however, is that the non-battery-enabled Anthem Power is not available separately. So keep this in mind if you plan to maximize your options (not that the Anthem Power Plus won't cover all the bases... but the battery could be seen as a liability or extra complication if not needed). An extra Anthem Power Plus is available for the simple difference of $999 at any time.

The Anthem One makes some pretty bold cost-savings claims. But if it pans out, it could be huge for filmmakers.

While switching out a light card takes less than a minute, it does require re-applying thermal paste and a 10-minute half-power seating process for the thermal paste to spread and adhere properly. This means that switching light cards might not be done as quickly as switching bulbs. But the overall flexibility and cost savings may be well worth it.

Interestingly, the accessories for the Anthem One — from the light cards at $169 to the two-lens kit and doors at $69 each — are all rather well-priced when considering other professional, high-end lighting systems. The promised longevity alone generates a ridiculously fast return on investment compared to the competition, and that's not something Anthem One wants you to forget. However, if it works, it does seem to be one wildly impressive solution to prohibitively expensive continuous lighting systems.

Are these specifications alone enough to entice you to try out this system?

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Wow. Seems to good to be true, yet interesting. I am really looking forward to test one myself !

We spent the last six years inventing, refining and re-inventing this technology so that someone like you would be stunned. We wanted to solve a critical problem in the lighting industry; we created Hollywood quality, HMI-quality hard lights at a fraction of the price. We knew that it would only disrupt an industry if it met every metric; the CRI, brightness and color temperature had to be amazing. The up front cost had to be a fraction of the current manufacturers. It needed to eliminate all the flaws of HMI (metal halide) bulbs. And it had to last incredibly long, so that the long tail costs saved photographers tens of thousands of dollars.

This is real. We look forward to you becoming a customer!

Hey Anthem One,

If it is like you're saying, you'll definitely have as one of your customers! And probably several times!

So please don't be like Craft Camera who had such a great concept, and generated a ton of ink, but never made it in the end. That's why I am looking first for proof on concept and some videos would be a very good start. You can easily imagine the disappointment people will feel when they search (as I did) for you on youtube and all they can find on "Anthem One" is a game and a song by the One Direction :P

Anyway, keep up the good work guys !


Soon, there will be.

We were planning our launch shoot when a major feature film directed by a major Hollywood director asked to test our lights. We sent him our demo units. We felt his potential endorsement and behind-the-scenes shots would be more compelling than anything else on the planet.

Craft Camera was a concept. We're a finished product.

We promise, we'll have a demonstration video put together in two weeks. In the meantime, if you live near the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area you can come by the shop and check us out. You'll see a wall of components as well as the most organized assembly facility in the US.

Goodie goodie on the movie !
Unfortunately, it's Europe here :D And btw, will your product be available in Europe ? Any dates and price for EU ? Thank you so much for the innovation guys.

You can buy from us right now. Our website can calculate rates to the UK, Canada, US, Mexico, Australia and New Zealand. We'll be adding EU nations next.

But, you can always email us directly and we'll happily find a way to sell you units wherever you may live.

I wished there was a video somewhere but couldn't find any. That seems a little bit odd. Hopefully, I am wrong to worry.

Ron, there's no need to worry. We're shooting videos now. :)

Ron, here's the test video you needed:

now that's what I call a follow up ! ;-)

We're thrilled you like it. :)

This sounds pretty cool. Expensive, but cool.

Spy Black, we understand your concern about price. Please note that Anthem One is 1/4th the cost of an Arri 400W lighting system. We're the least expensive light in our class.

For most users, the return on investment is measured in days or weeks. And it allows photographic professionals to do what only the best financed photographers and feature filmmakers could do in the past. Please, read our ROI Page:

And this is how much you'll save by not having to buy metal halide bulbs for the next decade....

Well, while we can give you the benefit of a doubt, it will be years before you can prove your points. Good luck.

The cost of a single HMI bulb is $400. The cost of Anthem Light Card is $169. It doesn't take years to save with Anthem One. The full Return on Investment video explains all the ways you save with a system now, not later:

Products seems great.
But nothing on website, Facebook, Insta etc
Seems like run by 1 person and products may not be ready in stock or not even produce yet.

Our Facebook Page is here:

Our Instagram Page is here:

Our Twitter Account is here:

Our website is here:

We have components in stock right now. We build to order. Demo Units are currently being independently tested on a feature film in Texas. All the specifications and metrics are true. We spent the last six years perfecting the technology, securing our patents and building a global supply chain so that we could hit the ground running.

No kickstarter "wait two years for a product" frustration. Order from us now and you'll receive your order in 7-10 weeks. We might even be faster, but we'd rather under promise and over deliver. :)

By the way, just out of curiosity, how did you guys manage NOT doing a kickstarter as it seems to be a mandatory path to go now for startups ? Cheers.

Several members of our team have bought items on Kickstarter. Its hard to not be demoralized when you bid on something and it takes two years to arrive. We decided early on in the company that we simply wouldn't do that, no matter how hard it would make our journey.

It was an act of pure will. We're a startup and for most of our early years, we were cash-strapped. Very few investors understood what we were trying to do. Some investors would say things like "I don't get it. It's just a light in a box." And we'd try to explain to them how revolutionary this concept is and they simply couldn't wrap their heads around it. So, we slogged away for years, insistent that will power would get us through.

We then spent the last 18 months building a global supply chain. We've tested that supply chain. We know they can handle large volume. And then we stockpiled all of our long-lead components so we can fulfill orders quickly.

So, how did we do it? Its a boring answer but its the truth: sheer will power.

Kickstarter is a short cut. But, in our opinion, if customer service is a priority then Kickstarter isn't the right path. At least for us. The right path meant we could fulfill orders as fast as Arri or K5600 the day we launched.

So, here we are. If you placed an order today we'd start building it tomorrow.

Here's another way to put it; you can do anything you want if you are willing to bleed for it. We've bled plenty. :)

So, now we're ready. And now we won't make the kind of mistakes that so many tech startups make on Kickstarter or Indiegogo. No one has to wait as we figure out how to manufacture something. We've toured 300 factories and selected the best 30 to make our components. No one has to wait while we figure out why a component looked great on paper but the factory is struggling to make it. We've already done that. For most of our components, we're on our fifth iteration and they're all mass manufacturable. No one has to wait while we figure out how to build an assembly facility here in the United States. We did that. Its done.

We need to put together more promotional materials and then fulfill orders. And we realize that's a leap of faith, but hopefully the distance for you, as a customer, is far, far shorter than if we announced this on Kickstarter two years ago.

Soooo good to read a story like this. You need to share it somewhere for the brand (if not already done or planned). Already looking forward to read about development stories of this new technology ! Our team is going to watch after you guys ;-) Cheers.

Ron -

We greatly appreciate your help! We spent half an hour talking about your advice and will be adapting one of our online campaigns to fit it! We'll be using the phrase "Syncs at all speeds!" because we're limited by character count and we can't fit "No syncing issues because of a specially developed, hybrid, patent-pending power supply."

Well, I really just meant share the story in a blog post :D
Whatever it is, glad you got something positive from a very modest comment of mine.
Looking forward to hear more about Anthem One !


Hey Anthem if you're listening, how about an in-depth on the subject of the technology? I am assuming you have a remote phosphor solution, but am ready to be surprised :)) "Anthem card" does not satisfy the curiosity. TIA!

Tomasz -

You'll find a tremendous amount of information about our technology on our website.

Test video of Anthem One with Andrew Baird (ASC trained cinematographer) and Jason Moore (Marvel's The Punisher).

Wanna see more photos taken with it in location, studio, location and so on. cant only see 1-2photo behind the scene and i hope i can see more to be sold on this product :)

Test video of Anthem One with Andrew Baird (ASC trained cinematographer) and Jason Moore (Marvel's The Punisher).

When my new budget is available on January 1st I'll be sending out for two of these little bad boys. I am stoked beyond reason for these.

MJ -

We love your site, MJ! We look forward to your order. In the meantime, here's a video of Anthem One at work:

Test video of Anthem One with Andrew Baird (ASC trained cinematographer) and Jason Moore (Marvel's The Punisher).