How To Shoot Studio Bridals On Location

A few weeks ago Lee and I went out to Las Vegas to club it up check out WPPI which is the largest wedding convention in the US. While out there we were able to meet quite a few of our readers, check out the new gear at the Photoflex booth, and play with a lot of new photo related toys. One of the photographers we met was Michael Corsentino who teamed up with Photoflex in this behind the scenes video on outdoor bridals. Michael is using the new Photoflex Triton Flash along with an octabank and a stripbox to create some studio style portraits outside.

Behind the Scenes: Unique Bridal Portraits w/ Michael Corsentino and Photoflex from Photoflex on Vimeo.

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That sure is some serious gear for such bland photos. Unsubscribing.

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@A, bwahaha Photoflex better step up their game if their videos are so offensively bad that you will never come back.

@A, Yow, really? Bland? Harsh. But I appreciate the comment nonetheless.

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Best photo was at 3:17

Would have gone for more contrast between the lights personally.

Not sure you'd use all this gear at a wedding, mind you, I'd love to try! :)

Thanks for the vid fstoppers.

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@Wayne Leone, I don't think you'd bring this setup to a wedding but rather just a bridal portrait. I personally would have loved to see more ambient light in the final images. The best image is the video embed pic by far.

Great video, the final image was stunning.

I agree with the first post. These were pretty "boring" photos for the lighting set up. Most of the video was spent filming the photo rolling around to talk to the camera.

Is this what wedding photography has become? I'm ashamed to even say I photograph weddings now.


Bad Engl. :)
Boring light... This man destroy a beautiful Natural light! Insteed to make a "key light", he killes shadows and "bla-bla-bla" %)

Wow, that's strange. Corsentino's work is superb, this video and the photos within...not so much.

It's a shame too, because Photoflex makes some great stuff, but that didn't make me want to buy any of it.

Some great shots, and sweet lighting gear for sure! But some of the photos could easily have been improved with better composition and less tilting. And... did i see selective coloring?

Anyway, keep posting interesting videos Fstoppers!

I'm afraid I've got to echo some of the earlier comments as far as the lighting goes. It's almost like he was overwhelmed by having all that stuff. It is actually a great example of "just because you have the equipment doesn't mean you have to use it in every shot." Just the large octo at a 45 degree angle and balanced with ambient or maybe a 1/2 stop over would have probably been more pleasing. The desaturation in post doesn't do any favors either, in my opinion. Then he makes a big deal of the fact they are going to move on to the gold reflector and how it will give this great glow without being "brassy" or whatever and then the example photo is black and white... Then he talks about the strip light and how its going to give a rim light, and the example shot crops off that entire side where it would be evident. I'm not going to go on, although I could. Just a confusing, frustrating video.

I'm sorry, but this video is quite disappointing due to the fact that the images produced are mediocre at best. With all that nice equipment, one would expect better images.

The bts preview of the video is actually the greatest pictures in this video.. Nice and contrasty :)

Wow. That was extremely disappointing. Not sure if that was the intended look, but to me, those images were way over lit, flat and lacked any pizazz. I prefer an image where the subject is lit in such a way that doesn't appear artificially lit and where the light naturally contours over the subject's features with a gradual falloff. IMHO - Not a very good video for promoting a product.

Lets BLAST her with light and call it good lighting LOL
I especially like the "look Im a cool photographer roll on the ground move"

With all that nice equipment at the disposal, I would hide the video and not show it as I seen much better images using just one light through an umbrella or natural light from other wedding photographers.

Very disappointing final images. Agreed that the video embedded photo is the best one, imo. It has very nice light balance and exposure. Was it from the 2nd shooter in the video? Sometimes simpler is better, including ambient light only shots.

I don't see what you all see! I think this video is great and the portraits reflect what you could use and do as a bridal portrait not a wedding! Good work photoflex... I also think the video was put together just right.. love the beginning images!


Great video on how to accomplish using studio lighting outside.

I love the final results. Great educational stuff.


Michael I loved the image by the water fountain. Images at night where my favorite with your lighting set up.

Love the vid, very creative editing. Those lights and softboxes rock. I think that the photograpjy is awesome, I don't see what all of the fuss is about.

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I Didn't read all the replies, as I just wanted to type my opinion and move along.

Myself, and this is only my opinion, I would have liked to see more of the scenery's colors in the photos and less hard light from the artificial lighting.

When the photographer said he was going to use a gold reflector that wasn't to brassy, and then showed a black n white photo of the result,,,, eeesh.
But, i give the photographer credit, he said it wouldn't be to brassy, and it was not to brassy in any part of the black n white image shown...

I was a lil unimpressed by the doorway/gateway shoot and the illimination of the wonderful orange glow from behind the model. But, that's me, I like a little orange in the background for this type of setting. Let the orange glow seperate the model from the backgrouns maybe? Just a thought.

NOW, that being said, the final two images shown, I LOVED!
Model/bride by the fountain and then the model flailing in the air and including the light setup. THOSE rocked in my opinion and I wouldn't have changed a thing.

Great location, great model, great wardrobe, great makeup and hair. All in all, a good video.

Great video by seasoned bay area professionals. Loved seeing the results as stills as I was watching on the video. I have never used powered strobes outside and find this valuable!

Wow..such negative comments are not warranted here! The lighting is beautiful, the backgrounds and poses are creative, the educational aspect of how to use the lighting equipment was informative and I would've killed to have such great shots in my album...Michael knows how to get "ambience" no matter what the lighting people need to look a little closer!

Great images.. Loved the video !

I loved the two light image and set up at the gate!
Photoflex and Michael Corsentino are giving us so many great things here. Inspiration to go out, play and create, solid know how for those just stepping into location lighting and a fun upbeat, creative attitude while you do it.
Thank you for your time and effort in putting this video together. Fantastic!

What's with the hatin y'all? It's a little disgusting. Photography is about experimenting and the experience of making it happen. Not to mention this was to help demonstrate the equipment. Michael did a fantastic job of juggling lights to create unique and beautiful shots with seeming ease that look different from anything you all would have done.

And personally, I LOVE the roll to instructional. Come on People! That's funny!

Get off your bums and go play.

great job! I wish I had an Octa that big!!! I also really the picture by the water fountain & the one before that! =)

Great job Michael! Even though I'm a natural light shooter, I'm envious of that look when it is pulled off well. I love the sepia one of her by the gate and the B&W profile beauty shot.

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