LG Unveils New Ultra-Stable Chicken Cam

As cell phone companies continue to improve their cameras, users are finding it increasingly easy to take better photos. Aside from resolution and low light capability, most phones now offer some sort of Automatic Image Stabilization. The technology works by either moving the sensor or lens to counteract unwanted movement before the image is converted to digital information.While some companies struggle to communicate how the image stabilization operates, LG has found a hilarious alternative to technical jargon.

A Chicken.


The info page for the LG notes the camera’s improvements:

“You don’t need a steady hand to get sharp pictures and smooth videos with G2. Its high resolution, 13 MP camera features breakthrough optical image stabilization (Optical Image Stabilizer) technology, which stabilizes your focus while you hold the camera so you get less blur in photosand less shaking in videos.

This feature is great for night photography too. Lower light settings require longer exposures, creating the potential for more movement to blur images—but with OIS, you can get amazing low-light shots, even if you can’t hold perfectly still.”

While text is great, the video does a much better job of illustrating the image stabilization in a humorous way.

Coincidentally, Mercedes released a similar video earlier this month.



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Man, I can't remember the last time I actually laughed out loud at at advertisement; they are all way too try-hard these days. Well done, LG.

Holy crap, I laughed out loud pretty good too. That was too awesome.

That was fantastic.

And Lizzy be like: "I wish they'd stop doing that"


That's amazing

well, apparently you didnt watch the video where it credits Smarter Everyday.

HAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAAAAaaaaaAAHHAhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa:) LOL p.s. I am gonna get couple of chickens!!!

Kentucky fried or just wings


It's the year of the chicken. It's about time they were recognized for something other than their juicy delicious taste. Well done fowl, well done.

And ... the Fujifilm chicken https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26bw-fF3QbY :)

Freaking hilarious!

wow loool . ahahah great ad.

Anyone knows the name of the song in the Galluscam video? <3 it!

Original and hilarious! Excellent work, LG.

Funny commericals, chickens & LG rock.

Thanks I needed that! I laughed so loud it scared my dog.

What came first? The chicken or the steady-cam?

Did anyone else watch this and see a really cheap gopro steadycam rig? Between the chicken and a roll of gaffer tape it wouldn't cost you more than $10.

This is hilarious! And very clever