Profoto TTL-N Remote for Nikon Announced and Available for Pre-Order

Profoto TTL-N Remote for Nikon Announced and Available for Pre-Order

While Canon users have had this for some time, Nikon users have been waiting for a TTL remote to control their Profoto B1 flashes. Finally the Air Remote TTL-N has been announced and is available for pre-order on B&H for $395. Allowing TTL use up to 300 feet away or normal use at up to 1000 feet, these radio remotes also let you control the power output on multiple units at a time, building on the already fabulous Air system and opening it up to Nikon users with the B1.

The B1, introduced back in November, is essentially a reworked 500-watt version of Profoto's well-known D1 units with the added flexibility of a built-in, user-replaceable battery for more flexible on-location shooting. Until now, however, the best of some of those TTL features have been reserved mostly for Canon shooters.

Interested in getting a B1? Make sure you check out our review. 

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$400 for a radio slave!!??!!

Oh, wait... profoto. Nevermind. I forgot.... their stuff is made from unicorn tears.

Samten Norbù's picture

To late, I now have the Priolite MB-500 hotsync wo do the job very well with the same features than the B1, plus the high speed sync up to 1/8000th witch allow me to have a really creative approach !
( In my portfolio, the picture "Flying with the cloud" was shoot against the light of the sun, at 1.6 and freezing the movement of the model's jump with high speed shutter )