Tamron Will Embark on a Country-Wide Tailgate Tour in Spring 2014

Tamron Will Embark on a Country-Wide Tailgate Tour in Spring 2014

Tamron has decided to take their brand to the streets and will launch a Tailgate Tour Spring 2014. The stops will be parking lots of large brick and mortar camera stores around the country, with the first stop being in Syosset, New York. The tour includes over 100 stops around the United States with learning opportunities and product testing.

During the tour, attendees can ask photo questions, attend free photography mini-sessions, and test drive the latest Tamron lenses. The mini-sessions include topics such as configuring your camera bag, achieving true colors, enhancing your images, and choosing your next lens.

You can also network at their free tailgate lunch and be included in giveaways, prizes, and specials on Tamron lenses. At each stop in major cities they also have an optional 2 hour evening class for a small fee. The topic of the evening class is “10 Steps to Epic Images.”

The tailgate team members include Jeff Allen, Jillian Bell, Andrew Constantini, Ken Hubbard, Rob Moody, and John Vansteenberg. Please see their website for tour dates and locations.



For more info, head on over to Tamron-USA.com.

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RUSS T.'s picture

damn, no Massachusetts stops... :( Boooo

Not yet anyways. They say that there will be over 100 stops, and they only have 15 posted so far.

Are there any lenses from Tamron that people use professionally? I've never been impressed with their lenses in the past, but I haven't tried many of them either.

I'm sponsored by Tamron, and yes I use their entire lineup professionally. Even before signing with them, I found their older 28-75 2.8 to be incredibly sharp and for a much more realistic price tag. I've been using their lenses for both photo and video work and I'm very pleased. check out www.jthorpephoto.com to see some of my work

Jaron Schneider's picture

I use the 17-50mm f.8 VC specifically for video. It's too soft for stills, but it works great for vids because of the VC.

Alberto Tanikawa's picture

Their 24-70 beats both Canon & Nikon's in terms of light transmission (about 1/3 t-stop faster according to Dxomark), seems sharper than Nikon's from my own experience editing photos from photographers that shoot with all three, and VC makes me (an old Nikkor 28-70 AF-S shooter) jealous that my partner can shoot steadier shots without resorting to higher ISOs in church. I plan on getting that Tamron 24-70 VC in the near future. If Tamron releases a VC PZD version, I just might have to get it even sooner :)

Alex Cooke's picture

Not to derail the conversation, but has their been any word on shipments of the 150-600? I ordered mine two months ago and haven't heard a word.