I'm sure if you have seen any of my other work on here you know I am primarily a food/food product photographer. I recently did this shoot to help sell-in my client's products into a restaurant and grocery store. There were obviously more images than what I am showing here but I felt like these two were a good representation of the work. What...

Sushi - Critique

I've been shooting/directing video for over 10 years, focusing mainly on food. Decided to try my hand at still photos as well and would love to hear feedback from people who do it every day.

Thanks in advance!

Burger Shot

I took this shot for a local hamburger chain here. I was matching some other shots that they had previously done so that dictated set and background. The white background is for their designer to add burger name, price and any other info that they deem necessary. What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Food Etiquette

I have a question about a shoot I'm doing for a local lifestyle magazine. The magazine contacted me to shoot some food shots for an article. They picked the restaurant to provide to food and location and I get to shoot there. My question is does the restaurant get to use my photos for their own use and advertising or does the magazine hold on...

Please critique my latest work

Hello Everyone, I am mumbai India base food photographer. i have been doing food photography from few years now.

this shoot is for a fishery brand. please critique it. tell me if you like, didnt like, love or hate anything in my shots.

thank you

Miami, FL Photographers


My name is Jose. I'm a photographer and digital media designer out of Miami, Florida. I am looking to network and meet other photographers that would like to shoot together. Check out some of my work at my website, Email me at


Antonelli's Cheese Shop

I wish I could take credit for the set-up, but the set up was done by Antonelli's. In hind-sight, I wish I would've gotten their logo in focus and not used such a shallow depth of field.

...nella mia cucina..

primi scatti di un mio nuovo progetto riguardante la Food-Photography, cercare di creare con la fotografia la magia e la luce che si vedono in alcuni quadri di pittori Olandesi, o almeno ci provo!!!!
Grazie per chi lascerà un giudizio e mi potrà dare consigli per migliorare la mia fotografia

5way reflector + speedlight = softbox?

I need to shoot some food for a newspaper but don't have access to a softbox and often have limited space. If I put a diffusion panel from a 5-way reflector on a stand and fired my speedlight through it, would it act as a DIY softbox of sorts?


Bixa, Mexican Restaurant

Hi, I been doing some food photography for 2 years now, and would like a critique about this set .

when I made these images , I had the idea of ​​showing a little about the restaurant atmosphere , in some images i made to versions one closer to the dish.

sorry about my english, and Thanks !

Critique my dessert shot


I shot this dessert recently at home, family where a bit inpatient but i managed to take a few frames before they where gone...:-)

It's Lemon fromage with raspberries.

Any critique is most welcome, also any guesses how this was lit is welcome as well!

All the best!

Please help to choose between Canon eos 1200d vs Nikon d3100

I'm a beginner in the photography world, and I want to learn photography specially (food photography) to start my own business (Digital marketing and Graphic design company) , of course the first thing I decided is to buy a camera, but I have a tight budget, so I confuse between two cameras (Canon eos 1200d vs Nikon d3100) in my country Egypt...


Hey there I'm new to food and beverage photography but I have a potential national campaign on my hands and don't know how or what to base my services off of pricing wise. Me being new to this I don't know if I charge per hour, per photo, or per shoot, or if there is a formula to it all. I don't want to come across rude and ask for something...

Critique this set?

Images from a series I'm working on. Always looking for ways to improve techniques in consistency, balance, colors that seem off, etc..

My stuff

Hello guys. I am from Brazil and have been shooting food for a year or so. I can clearly see the improvement I've made. But some advice is always a good thing and I'd like to hear some from you. Here are some of the best pictures I have and anything good or bad you have to say will be a great help!

Critique my ice cream sundae

I would like a critique on my ice cream sundae that I shot this past Friday. I was given the assignment on Thursday afternoon and shot first thing the following Friday. This was shot with a Nikon D5200 with the kit 18-55mm lens. I shot tethered to a macbook and used PhaseOne CaptureOne to process the image and export out the hi-res tiff. This...