I'm new to Fstoppers and trying out the groups. Here a 2 shots of some cocktails—any feedback would be appreciated.

My first foray into the food photo genre.

Last week I decided to try some food shots and these are the results. All ingredients were pretty much raw to keep the body and bright colours. I then torched the areas that I wanted to melt or look toasted or cooked with a small brulét burner. Gloss and sheen were added by painting those areas with cooking oil using a small paint brush. The...


Shot this recently for a better burger brand and wanted to get feedback as to how it might be improved.

Any C&C greatly appreciated.

Chocolate overload

The secret to food photography consist of three components. Freshness of ingredients , great styling and the temptations of not consuming it. Client : Level 33.

Linguine Carbonara

This shot is part of a promotional photoshoot of a new dish, the "Linguine Carbonara", from a local restaurant. I used a large tile for background and two softboxes, one for main light source and the other one for fill light.

Feedback is always welcome!

Chocolatta Brigaderios

I was recently asked to do some photography for a local chocolate company. I wanted to hae a sort of regal feel so I went with this blue satin backdrop, lit it with two Cactus RF60's

This is my first time shooting food so I'd love any and all critique. It's pretty different but I like it.

Black on Black

Good day to all! Would like to know if there could be any way that I can improve upon this photo!

Thanks for all the feedback.