First post

Hello all, I've followed for quite some time and finally decided to join.
Here's a photo of a dessert plate I took for a catering menu.

Taking a bite at food photographer

Would love some input on these images and no I am not apologizing for the pun in the tittle. I know the images aren't perfect but would love input to see if I may be missing anything. Also how does the filet mignon dish look? I know it is somewhat out of focus (should have deeper focus) but the focus stacking did not work due to operator error...

Wild Boar Burger - Before and After

So, I was asked to show a before and after of a shot I did thats on my portfolio page. I had posted up there earlier but wasn't happy with the post processing. I thought it would also be educational to see a straight up RAW image out of the camera, and a post-production images as well. Let me know what y'all think!


Chicken Sausage and Bowtie Pasta

A shoot I did a while back for my portfolio. I had been feeling that my other work ran the danger of being too visually busy, so this was an attempt to simplify and streamline the look of this dish. CC welcome!

Savory Salmon - "Cover Out!"

We shoot a restaurant clients actual, ticketed food going out to one of their guests. Out process momentarily diverts the plate for approximately 20 seconds.

In that time we will (with the chef's advanced plating assistance), both lightly style, and light in a complementary way at the shooting table.

Just three shots, it's still...


Hi folks, I guess it's only fair that I post an image for you all to critique, since I started this group. I'm still very much working towards improving my food photography, and I decided to try a more environmental shot than I usually do.

Lauchlan Toal
Frosted Champagne

Any critiques...

Grilled Chicken Taco Salad

Hello Everyone,

This is a follow on assignment for one of our restaurant clients, in the development of their new menu. Unlike our standard shooting workflow of briefly intercepting an actual guest plate going out (about 20-30 seconds), the four new menu items we completed, had no waiting guests. At the instruction of the owner, we ate...


I posted this one in my portfolio too. But I thought I would go into more detail here. This was some b-roll as my stylist worked. I used a Canon 1Dx and Canon 100mm Macro for this. I also used Speedotron lights with a PocketWizard Transceiver II topping the camera. I hoped to recreate window light in studio. I think this is the closest I've...

I will start things off.

Here is my latest image. Its salmon on a bed wild grain rice. I used a Canon 5D Mark III w/ a Canon 100mm MACRO II. It was a one light shot, the rest is done with reflectors of some sort. Thats really my favorite way to light food. I tired something out of the cinema playbook using color on the opposite color spectrum.

Let me what you...


To all new members, welcome to the group! I hope that this can serve as a place for food photographers to share their work, get advice, and discuss the industry. Feel free to create threads if you want to have your work critiqued, share a new technique, talk about the business side of things, or whatever else. In this thread, I'd love for you...