Ruining People's Instagram Food Photos Gets Priceless Reactions

You're either going to feel very satisfied or very upset. Regardless of what group you fall into, relax and have a laugh at the stunned reactions from these folks who are attempting to take pictures of their food, only to have it ruined at the last moment.

We've all been there. You go out to dinner with a friend or two and are in the middle of intriguing conversation, then all of a sudden, the server brings out some nice looking-entrées. Stop everything. They just have to take a picture of it. We all appreciate a well-plated meal, especially if it's unique or prepared in a really creative way, but let's be honest: most camera phone images just don't do it justice.

Maybe you're that person? I know I'm guilty of a few food photos, but I take them mostly to make my partner jealous when I'm traveling for work and she isn't able to enjoy some of the interesting culinary fare I get to try. And I rarely post them online, if at all. But in any case, how do you feel about this? Harmless prank, or did that jerk just ruin your opportunity to get seven new followers? I don't know about you, but this might be my go-to move anytime I see a friend doing this.

Video hilariously brought to you by Kevin Freshwater.

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I can't stop laughing at the last guy. I would react the exact same way if half my cookie landed on the floor.

Snapshots of food are the "before" pictures of poop. Moronic use of photography

Oh man, I bet someone must've mushed your cookie... lighten up :)

Holy shit, you must be super fun to be around

Why take portraits of people if we're all going to die anyways? Why do anything, really. /sarcasm

If posted to IG, i agree. My wife and I however take images of our food when we go out and actually save them with a link to the restaurant. Then next time we go or a friend asks we can pull up a picture and go "this is what they have". It's great if after like a year you try to remember where you had that amazing steak :P

Are many of these "people past middle age" likely to take such obnoxious photos?
If so, they're fair game. :D

Lololololol that was pretty great XD

I hope the musher isn't some random stranger! If they're friends, then have a laugh. If not: "Security!!!".

made my day!

Seven new followers and 14 more unfollowers ☝🏼