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Simon Baxter: Chasing Waterfalls and Fog

Simon Baxter makes an unplanned visit to a verdant misty forest in North Yorkshire, UK. As Baxter talks us through the thought process behind one of his images, it becomes clear that the gushing waterfall in the background isn’t his area of interest. A couple of trees above the waterfall that are steeped in the rolling mist look very intriguing.

A mention of Simon Baxter can’t be complete without spoiling what Meg is up to his time (Baxter’s happy-go-lucky show-stealing dog). While Meg enjoys a bath in the misty forest, Baxter guides us on a tour through oaks and silver birches and ends up with an idea of an image that seems to work better the next morning.

What I like about Baxter’s videos is his attention to production value. He shows us why images often need time and different conditions to maximize their potential. And even around an audio demanding area like a waterfall, the wealth of information Baxter gives us doesn't drown out to the background noise. Aside from that, I’m personally a great fan of his distinct stylistic approach to landscape photography. His images are never too soft, yet ooze mysterious atmospheres.

Sit back and enjoy the video and give Simon Baxter a solid thumbs up on his Facebook page.

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Daniel Laan is an outdoor enthusiast, teacher, writer, and landscape photographer. While his dramatic landscape photography has gained international acclaim, his pursuit of the light is primarily a means to get to know himself. Daniel teaches introspective landscape photography around the world through running tours and workshops.

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Couldn't agree more. :) Baxter's got some educational skills!

After reading this, I just followed #SimonBaxter on YouTube