You Must Know These Lightroom Techniques

With all the different AI tools that get introduced into the various photo editing apps, it's easy to forget about the fundamentals. To become an efficient photo editor, you must also know the basic settings and techniques. Michael Shainbloom gives ten Lightroom tips that help you achieve that.

Those techniques are not magical settings that enhance your photos with a single click. Shainbloom's latest video focuses on tools that help speed up your workflow. Knowing the right shortcuts to see a before and after comparison of your edits, quickly resetting individual adjustments or a complete group of adjustments, and how and why to use virtual copies are just a few examples of techniques Shainbloom shares.

Also, did you know you can match exposures with one shortcut in Lightroom? Let's say you take photos for time or exposure blending. With "CTRL/CMD+ALT+SHIFT+M" you can instantly equalize the exposure of several such images. It will use the "Exposure" slider to match the overall brightness of the selected photos, using the one you have currently highlighted as a reference.

There's also a better way of introducing color and saturation than using the "Saturation" or "Vibrance" sliders. In his last tip, Shainbloom shares his favorite tool for enhancing the saturation in his photos.

Did you know all those techniques? What are other fundamental settings you think everybody should know?

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Michael Breitung is a freelance landscape and travel photographer from Germany. In the past 10 years he visited close to 30 countries to build his high quality portfolio and hone his skills as a photographer. He also has a growing Youtube channel, in which he shares the behind the scenes of his travels as well as his knowledge about photo editing.

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