BTS: Guess 2013 Spring/Summer Goes to Bora Bora

BTS: Guess 2013 Spring/Summer Goes to Bora Bora

Here in New York, we finally had a day that that you could actually call "warm." To celebrate, here is a BTS of the Guess shoot for their 2013 Spring/Summer collection shot in Bora Bora, Tahiti by Yu Tsai. I've always been a fan of the direction that Guess chooses to go with their campaigns. It has a seemingly effortless sex-appeal. A great thing to take away from this BTS is that, although every person on set is an incredibly talented professional, the fundamentals of what they are doing is rooted in simplicity. The makeup artist doesn't use powder to set the makeup because of the (perfect) conditions; the hair stylist basically just has the model go swim in the ocean for great beach hair. It's all incredibly useful to keep in mind when so many people try to overcomplicate things.

Photographer: Yu Tsai

Fashion Editor/Stylist: Martina Nilsson

Models: Gigi Hadid, Stephan Lambert, Natasha Barnard and Gonçalo Teixeira.

Hair: John Ruggiero

Makeup: Fiona Stiles

Via GuessincTV

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sexy bitch..

2:21 they mirrored the video. I thought he was shooting left handed for a second lol

Dan Lubbers's picture

As a photographer viewing this video, I would like to have seen way more details on lights, diagrams, etc. This was more of a video interviewing the models, which i don't really care about. It is a beautiful look into the world of Bora Bora, but I just don't see much application for a photographer trying to learn anything from this...

Chris Knight's picture

Although not a technical video the specifics of the photography itself (which is not overly complicated and predominately shot with natural light and a single strobe in some shots), it is incredibly useful to at least understand the fundamentals of what everyone on your crew is doing - whether it be hair, makeup or styling.

I learned that being a model in paradise with models and... paradise, is amazing. Kidding aside, natural light and a reflector, is the right approach when it's working, and it certainly works here.

This is paradise i'm living juste near (30 min by plane) at Tahiti and there is all year long sun, beautiful colours et warm water :) Trash the dress paradise :)

was trying to figure out what the large black box on the tripod was, then figured it out, he's shooting tethered and his assistant is running a laptop under a box-shade cover

seen a 00:57-59 to do with photography. Other than, "hey, shooting hot models in Bora Bora is mad cool!" Other than that, not one single focus or discussion about Hell, we didn't even see any of the final images. Perhaps I missed them.

Its a Behind the Scenes, not a how-to.

I've been wearing a red speedo to my wedding shoots but I keep getting funny looks.