A Lion Goes to Town on a Canon 5D Mark II and Lens

A Lion Goes to Town on a Canon 5D Mark II and Lens

Ed Hetherington was photographing animal life in Kenya from a remote on-the-ground setup when a lion approached and found it rather odd...and oddly tasty. The series of images that followed show the lion sniffing, carrying, and enjoying the camera for a while. The lens survived despite getting a little dirty, but the body wasn't so lucky...

Check out more photos and the full story on Hetherington's Facebook page.

Via Petapixel

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Wow. I'm so glad I clicked through. These shots are really really cool!

He's got way too much money to spend. For me, a contourHD would be cheaper alternative. A GoPro hero is someone financed that for me. 5D MK II? Never. LOL


9 out of 10 lions prefer Canon. 

...just like polar bears: 

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Actually, both lions and polar bears are insulted that they weren't photographed with Nikon gear...

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Is this what happens when you shoot in 'ROAR'?  :)