Taken Back in Time With 'One Night in New York'

I'm a sucker for simple videos like this and can really appreciate what goes into making them. As I strive to jump more into video, it is interesting to stay tuned and watch what other people create to help give me ideas for future work. The coolest thing to me about a video or even a photo is the mood or feel it can convey. A lot of the video work I do, I focus on sharp focus, straight lines, clean shots, accurate color, cutting to music and a few other little things. I mainly shoot real estate videos, but it is nice to have the freedom to shoot whatever I want, however I want rather than following my standard rules for shooting real estate. I have been messing around more with video and hope to come out with something to show from it soon enough!

Watching this video, I felt like I was just placed back in time with the jazzy music and choice of filming in black and white. There was no sound aside from the music in the background and no need to add any audio because it would take away from the feel of the video. Filmed at night and only in parts of New York, a lot of the shots were urban and grainy which also gave it a unique look. All together, the shots were great, the simplicity of it all was perfect and the video was entertaining to watch. It is the short simple stuff like this that always grabs my attention and gets me to want to go out and shoot more video.

Check out some more of Monster Children's work on Vimeo.

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Tom Daniels's picture

"One Night In NY" I am a producer and sometime cameraman and the shots accomplished in this video
are truly amazing. Some shots look like drone shots. Some look like a chase vehicle or bike or whatever
can move through obstacles and crowds. This is a serious production that is a creative success.
Congratulations. PS choice of b&w and jazz music for me who has been around are great decisions.

Felix Hernandez's picture

So beautiful... so well executed... "simple", lovely!

J B's picture

Not for me. I couldn't finish it because I didn't care to watch kids skating. If it was just shots the city with that music, I'd be sold.