Go Behind The Scenes With Peter Lik As He Creates Stunning Images of NYC

Love him or hate him, you can't deny that Peter Lik's got quite the penchant for getting the shot. In this video, Peter takes us deep into some abandoned subway tunnels and high over the skyscrapers of NYC as he shows us some of the locations and setups that he uses to create his photographs. We get a nice look at the finished results, which, to me at least, are always jaw-dropping. I'm not sure what kind of processing he's doing (it also seems that nobody really knows what kind of processing he's doing) but it's incredible to watch the scenes transform from what the video camera sees into the finished product. All of which have Lik's signature style.

If you're interested in making a Peter-Lik style print, you should check out Lee's 'Shoot, Print, And Frame A Massive Peter Lik Style Photograph On A Budget' video.

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Ruairidh Patrick Fli's picture

Wow, Peter is absolutely nuts. In the greatest possible way!

Shannon Wimberly's picture

BRAVO!!! MORE!!! MORE!!!!!

K Sundaram's picture

love how this video shows that you do not need to do your landscape as excessive  HDR for it to be stunning,

Michael Kormos's picture

Not sure if I like Peter's processing of these.  They look flat, lacking the depth of his earlier work, not to mention oversaturated. Then again, whether it's Peter or one of his retouchers doing the final work is anyone's guess.

Thomas Ingersoll's picture

i highly doubt as a landscape photographer peter lik has someone do his post work, 

Michael Kormos's picture

Well, being an acquaintance with someone that used to work at his headquarters in Las Vegas, there is in fact a small team of "artists" processing his photos :-)  When you run a worldwide operation selling luxury high-end art, with retail studios and hundreds of employees, you focus on other things, like raising awareness of your brand (which is what this BTS video is designed to do).  He's a great photographer, one of the best landscape artists, but don't let the photographer side of you believe that his commercial success is solely due to his work.  It takes a great salesman too.

George Socka's picture

the perspective of the gargoyle changes around 2:19 as the video zooms in on what I think is a photo. ie the snout covers more of the yellow building as it zooms in. why? what am I missing?

Robert Potter's picture

He has watched too many episodes of Steve Irwin.


jt__photography's picture

honestly..... i dont like the style of his images or the post that goes into it. Im sure he doesnt care what i think though lol 

I like most of the photo's but some of them, I think, are too much post processed.

Thomas's picture


Bart M's picture

Nothing nuts or unusual about it, lend me a Phase One IQ180 and I show you the secrets... of much more beautiful places than these. All the Silver Halide Fuji Crystal paper ... standard paper for C-Type printing process ... what's so unusual about this all I ask ???!?!!?

Patrick Hall's picture

why do you need a phase one?  Peter has been doing this pre digital.  

Bart M's picture

Making Big $$$ and printing his works on Durst machines pre digital ? :) Why does he need a Phase One then ? :)

Jongas Pongas's picture

most unusual about this is that he can sell the crap out of his pictures for money you will never make in your lifetime son! :-D

BWShooter's picture

He says...
"Its unheard of to be allowed up here..." He should start by not saying anything ..and learn his art history

Annie has been up there ..really up there !! Ha

This dates from 1991...

You can produce nice work, original or PSed ..but never say stuff that I can verify in an instant..You then loose your credibility with me forever..

Vincent Laforest has been there also..

Jongas Pongas's picture

who cares if he loses credibility with you. its not like you are going to buy any of his photographs ;-)