A New iPhone Fashion Shoot To Silence The Haters

I released The iPhone Fashion Shoot back in July of 2010 thinking that it would be a fun way to prove a simple point (that people can create compelling images with any camera). I never thought 1, that the video would become so huge and 2, that 50% of everyone who saw it would totally miss the point. Half of the comments made on my video are about my expensive studio lights, professional model, professional hair, makeup, and retouching. People still didn't want to admit that they were capable of taking great shots on whatever gear they had.

Still to this day I get emails all the time where people suggest that I do another iPhone Fashion Shoot outside with natural light and without a professional model but I was never interested. I really don't want to become known as the "iPhone photographer" and these videos are a lot of work to produce.

Well I just got an email from Pye at SLR Lounge and he did all of the work for me! Pye takes a normal girl outside and uses 2 reflectors to create stunning images... It does not get any more simple than this... The point has now officially been made. No more excuses people.

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Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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Perchance one should consider differentiating "photographers" from "people who use cameras". Isn't being a photographer a kind of artist? For example, I am well versed in the function of many cooking implements and use them often but I am by no means a chef.

So basically I would happily trade my cheap DSLR for two assistants to go wherever I go to bounce light or flag. Point taken, photography, like anything, is more about who you know than what you know.

In all seriousness, nice work- count me inspired.

Haha what in the world are you talking about? It's all about what you know...what if he used reflector holding light stands?

Absolutely Patrick, I was just trolling.

To me the point is all about control. Control of light, control of the subject and control of composition. A good photographer, not the camera, knows what he wants and how to control the enivornment to achieve his look. Aside from DoF, Shutter speed, and shots per second the camera doesn't off much control over the world once you nail your expsoure.

A lot of us amateurs seem to think the easier way of getting a better photo is getting a better camera. When in reality we'd be better off making the extra effort and gaining more experience.

I like you, Pye. You don't bash on Olympus lol =)

No, I am an equal opportunity basher..... although Olympus does suck.... haha, just kidding... no but seriously

Olympus sucks, Canon Sucks, hey even Nikon sucks too! :-P

If people are still not convinced that the Photographer is more important than the camera, have them rent the biggest/best/most expensive camera for a day and shoot.

Have them figure out for themselves that even with the best equipment they still SUCK.. otherwise they would have figured this out way sooner.

If they still don't Get It let them go back to Pixelpeeping and MeasureBeating alone in there bedroom.....

For the rest, go out, shoot and have some fun!!!

Sweet! Reflectors do wonders! And someone was complaining about PS? Hrm these kind of PP can be basically done on google picasa, which is free!

Thanks for the video, nicely done!

Here is a link to another video from 10 months ago by MichaelTheMentor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wV-p63Zz2Es

When I worked for Ritz Camera back in 2001/2002, I remember seeing an image, in American Photo, taken with a disposable camera. I remember it was during this time also hearing (it may have been a rumor) about a professional doing an entire shoot with either a disposable or a point and shoot.

Keep up the great work guys, your post are very inspiring.

I've been searching for a "Talent Mk II" but it seems to be on backorder everywhere I go. Looks like some guy named Pye just about bought it all!

Great job

"She's not a professional model"

... SHE SHOULD !!!

I know that you put this rating system in for a reason, so here's my feedback: this argument is extraordinarily over done, stop feeding the trolls and please for the love of god, move on. I find it extremely surprising that so many people still want to see people make pictures with iPhone cameras.

I think that although the results may not be surprising for you, they are still very surprising to others. Look at the share/comment numers on this video vs any video posted in the last 2 weeks.

I'll stop posting stuff like this when the masses no longer like it.

I always prefer to read new and exciting material over rehashes of what I've already read.

Just my two cents!


The cynics and trolls win again. Reviving this whole argument is a bit superfluous. If the cynics didn't grasp the lesson from Lee's iPhone video the chances are they feel quite strongly about the contrary.

I was actually inspired by the first vid; http://www.flickr.com/photos/nickw168/4937272238/

My first time shooting against seemless, iPhone 4, non-professional model(although not unprofessional), strobe incandescent modelling lights used as "hot-lights".

ok good light + interesting subject + well composed scene = gets you close pretty close to where you need to be at to make an image. the camera really doesn't matter that much!

@fstoppers; can we possibly get a video on "hot-light" alternatives to Peter Hurley's HMI set-up, LED's? Fluoros? tungstens? or just video lighting in general? Ever since the 5DMk2/RED more and more photographers are venturing into the cine/video world and advertising campaigns shot simultaneously on the same camera. Continuous lighting is ironically getting back into fashion. btw thanks for the great blog!

Cheers! (all the way from Sydney, Australia)

To get a good shot from any camera, it's all about the light. (how much is there and where is it coming from) Unless you are prepared you can't make good looking shots like this with any camera (maybe MF). You have to have some sort of reflector/fill light source unless you want blown out highlights or black darks. (or squinting subjects)

Haha, its really funny there are still people not getting the point. I am not a professional photographer but its obvious. If they have no idea what to do with the camera, they have 2 options: 1. start learning how the whole picture should be made, if they have the idea or 2. start looking for stupid reasons why they can not do good pictures, which is called laziness.

For those who still thing the equipment matter - take this - it does not!

Camera Body & lenses are like brushes and paints for painter. You can produce amazing paintings if you have the inspiration & the imagination even if you have the cheapest B&P. Oh yeah, and of course you know how to keep the brushes in your hand.

For the curious people - canvas equals film/digital sensor :)

I guess this one counts as well.

Cheap camera and two/three torchlights.

I get the point!

It's not just gear and pro models that make a great picture. Lot's of photographers do it...Tim Richardson for one. I get a hoot everytime I see him shooting with a P&S with onboard flash.

His name is Terry Richardson

But this thing doesn't even shoot raw! - Lee

droid doe NOT

Looks like I need to upgrade from my 3G to an IPhone 4, no way I could capture those images with my pos phone...

Guys here is one done by Hong Kong people with an iPhone2G phone and a simple staircase in and office building


cheers :)

Guys here is one done by Hong Kong people with an iPhone2G phone and a simple staircase in and office building


cheers :)

Kai from digital rev!!!! I watch ALLLLLLL of these videos because he's funny.

This is getting ridiculous

Love the music

Need his Iphone, model and assistants ASAP!!! Shows that anyone with an Iphone, 2 reflectors attached to 2 cute Asian assistants and another cute assistant posing as a model can make an editorial shoot! Thoroughly loved this video since it has all that I'm interested in! :)

NEXT TIME, I'll use a buggy-as-heck ANDROID phone instead, zero lighting equipment whatsoever, and I'll just grab random strangers off the street to model. How's THAT for shutting up the nay-sayers? :-P

Sweet images, Pye!

Equipment only matters depending on the level of work you are trying to achieve and even then only in a small amount. Cameras of the past were not super advanced and no one had multiple strobes and syncs. Fstoppers was just posting another video to back up a point many artists were born knowing. Most people simply are just OKAY at taking photos be it a Hasselblad or a point and shoot. As one viewer said, put a Hasselblad in an average photos hands with a bunch of equipment and even assistants and you are still going to get a lousy photo. It will be lit right, but it's still going to suck. I know someone who has been shooting for 11 years and they have all the top level stuff as far as canon goes. They know exactly what they are doing and know a ton about post production. You know what they don't know how to do? Take an interesting shot. This industry is full of a bunch of people that think if they read enough, watch enough, buy enough stuff dealing with photography, they will be good. Its simply not the case. This is an art form, not simply some skill you learn because you got a rebel xti for Christmas. It's easy to those born with the eye for it, and quite difficult for those that are simply forcing something that is not there.

The person in this video actually knows how to take an interesting shot, most people would compose the model in the middle of the frame, super close and the shot would look stupid.

Fstoppers provides fantastic videos, some show me just how lame some photographers are even with a ton of equipment, and others show me just how amazing some of the pro's really are.

When you stop viewing yourself as a PHOTOGRAPHER and start viewing yourself as an IMAGE CREATOR, you will understand everything is just a tool and nothing more. They are not magic wands that will gain you clients or a since of good taste.

Haters gon hate.

Count me impressed again!!!! I dig the first video made by Lee cause he used flood lights from Lowes and now an entire outdoor shoot using a flood light borrowed from.................Sun. Nice work on the entire video. $60 dollars for a pillow hummm.......Ikea is the way to go :)

some sickkk images came from that shoot!

Great video dude and of course another intriguing video on fstoppers.. I think after this one and the first, people should actually worry about educating themselves on the theory of light and learn about composition and finally, go out and shoot.. Photography takes years of practice to master!

Great video. I stopped worrying about the need to 'upgrade' when I saw the stuff Zack Arias pulled off with a D70.

Fstoppers & Pye. You guys are the Best! I really like how you proved once again that is not the tools what makes a real Artist/Photographer, but the inspiration and creativity within.

Taken with my BlackBerry - Great vid, motivating

Lee, these two photos were taken with my IPOD touch, retouched them in the ipod with a cheap app. One of the Photos I brought on to PhotoShop and added content of the eagle. Those two were taken out here in Iraq, where I am stationed currently not to far from where parts of The Hurt Locker was filmed. thanks for the info . . .

Wish I knew hot chicks. LOL Loved it great job guys! Big fan of the original Iphone shoot, and you guys are doing great work. Best BTS vids on the planet IMHO

ok, you did it, Chapeau, great job!!

I also thought on the first iphone shoot, that it was - well, not easy, but very possible, to do this shooting with this tons of light and prof stuff. But now, in direct hard sunlight, congrats!

And I even like these pictures better! :-) (I am a sucker for sunflares :-)

Wow! Great shots ... you must have a great phone :)

But how can I afford an expensive photographer (that I may add cute) to do this amazing photo shoot. IMPOSSIBLE! 

The iphone photo shoots are a blast!  Love it. It's been said a million times before, but cameras are tools.  The iphone is a quite capable tool for shooting stationary objects.  It would be a lousy tool for shooting birds-in-flight. It would be a terrible tool for most sports.  For certain types of photography you really do  have to "pay to play."  Fast AF telephotos just ain't cheap. But . . . in the hands of a skilled photographer who possesses VISION even an iphone can create stunning photos. The irony of the equipment situation is that the soccer mom or dad trying to get great shots of their little darling running up and down the basketball court is far more in need of a "good" camera and lens that the pro photog who is shooting a model that stays still.

 poor little pillow -__-"""" but awesome photo shoot ^_^!

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