National Geographic Celebrates 125 Year Milestone With 'The Photography Issue'

National Geographic Celebrates 125 Year Milestone With 'The Photography Issue'

Whatever type of photography you focus on, I doubt there are many of us that aren’t mesmerized every time we pick up and thumb through a copy of National Geographic magazine. Over it’s lifetime, it's become synonymous with capturing images of people, places and wildlife that show us the undiscovered or hidden side of our increasingly homogenized world.

National Geographic recently celebrated 125 years of history and this month, October 2013, have commemorated the milestone by publishing a special issue devoted to the power of photography. The issues is devoted to the amazing photographs and photographers that have contributed to the magazine’s success over it’s life.

Robert Draper, a writer for National Geographic, has pieced a great summary of the impact that photography has had, and provides wonderful insights from experiences of working with the committed photographers of the magazine over the years. His article contains a short but extremely poignant video of some of the classic photographs that have become iconic and made the magazine what it is today.

If - like me - you haven’t picked up a copy of the magazine in a while, this issue might just be the excuse you were looking for to do so.

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CurrentCo's picture

must....aquire....this issue 0___0

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If anyone happens to go to Rome from now until March. Theres a national geographic exhibition called la grande avventura, located in the palazzo delle espozisione. It was amazing, meant like 30 minutes staring at a HUGE print of the afghan girl. Well worth the 6 euros.

J F's picture

They have that exhibition in different parts of the US also, But I wish it was as cheap as it is in Rome. 6 euros would be great. (here in Vegas at the Venetian Casino for example its $20 admission).

Louis Rafael's picture

well i guess i should go to rome - could make it there and back for roughly 50 euros, plus entry.... I love living in Switzerland :)