[Video] Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend, Stunning Commercial

It goes without saying that besides the Superbowl commercials, we can pretty much expect the same run of the mill advertisements. Whether it's cartoon bears with toilet paper stuck to their butts, or of babies talking like grown adults, this commercial really blew them all out of the water. Advertising film director, Bruno Aveillan, (along with a crew of about 50 people) spent two years putting together this epic 3.5 minute journey celebrating the 160 year history of luxury jeweler, Cartier

Click here to see how this stunning commercial was made. (*Note, in French but with English subtitles)

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Jason Bosch's picture

"babies talking like humans"


Lauren Jonas's picture

grown adults sounds much better. haha 

Haha, yep, it does.

Hmm.... the effects were amazing... but honestly, I think for a commercial, it didn't make any sense and was completely over-the-top and unnecessary....

I like over-the-top :)

Jaron Schneider's picture

That bracelet was almost as epic as that commercial. BIG rock.

Elaborate, but does not make me want to buy a diamond...

This commercial covered many of the products the brand offers. The Cartier Santos for example was represented by the pilot Santos who is seen in the air ship. You have to be into this stuff to recognize what they are trying to accomplish here. I thought it was superb. It made me want to buy a Cartier Santos 100 in rose gold on a croc strap. But I would rather buy a Leica m7 wrapped in Hermes orange. Luxury.

Serge Chabert's picture

This is awesome !!!! Best ever commercial !!

Joop van Roy's picture

Beautiful visuals, but seriously, fuck the diamond industry. 

JakaCeglar's picture

They should make part 2