Lightroom 2.1 for Mobile Now Available

Adobe released today the version 2.1 of Lightroom for mobile devices. It comes with a bunch of interesting new features making full use of the possibilities offered by iOS 9 and the iPad Pro. Some of the new features also could make one think that Adobe is becoming serious about making great apps for mobile devices.

Lightroom for mobile has been around for a little while now. The version 2.0 unveiled a brand-new camera experience, built from the ground up to provide powerful new capture experiences. In version 2.1, Adobe adds a very exciting features for those that cannot take a picture without applying a filter. You can preview the presets while framing the picture, snap your shot and have your image with the filter your chose. However, this remains undestructive as you can always remove the filter or change it afterward on your iOS device or on your computer.

Adobe also made a couple of improvements that take advantage of the screen size of the iPad as well as the features of iOS 9. For example, you can now enable the Slide Over functionality so that you can quickly interact with other apps without having to switch apps. You can also use Split View to run two apps at once making it very easy to follow a tutorial while using Lightroom or looking at a picture for coloring inspiration and working on your image.

The 2.1 version also introduce a fully usable curve tool and split toning adjustment tool. Before, these used to be computer only features. However, they are such great tools, especially the curves, how could Adobe not make them available to their mobile apps? Curves work just the same way as they do in Photoshop or Lightroom on a computer. Each channel can be separately tweaked to achieve the coloring and contrast you desire.

If you have the chance to own an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus, Lightroom 2.1 will also take advantage of the 3D touch functionality. For example, 3D touch can be used to open the camera directly from the home screen, thus reducing the number of actions needed to access it. It also can be used do Peek and Pop an image before moving into the Loupe view making the selection of a picture to edit quicker and easier

Finally, Lightroom for iOS 2.1 is also accessible through a Notification Center widget. So you can open the Lightroom camera tool by just sliding down your notifications panel and taping the "Take Photo" button display right under Lightroom mobile.

Adobe also makes mention of little enhancements and improvements that were made throughout the app, as well as the fact that this is just the beginning of the mobile experience. They seem to be keen to make the mobile platforms a better tool for professional as well as the large public.


For more information about Lightroom 2.1, you can head over to Adobe website or just install the app from the App Store.

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Sean Molin's picture

Lightroom Mobile, with as much promise as it has, will not be a serious tool for me until it supports camera profiles and user presets.

I've also been asking Adobe since day 1 to allow mobile galleries to be accessed through desktop LR, not just the mobile version. It'd be awesome to edit a gallery on my desktop IN Lightroom on my laptop without having to export smart previews to a thumb drive.

Helmut Steiner's picture

Well, actually if you create a mobile gallery you can edit it from anywhere with a web browser through ...
If you select an image there, you will see an "Edit" button in the upper left corner. Just click it. :)

David Fraser's picture

I agree, Sean. I am not a software engineer, but I can't understand why it's so difficult to access those mobile galleries on a second computer as well. As it stands now, only one machine can have any connection to LR mobile.

Ryan Cooper's picture

I wonder if this update will at all address the way LR mobile makes my phone turn into a heater and drains my battery in like 10minutes.

David Masterson's picture

Still no direct support for RAW files. Still not part of my workflow.

Ariel Martini's picture

no user presets = useless

Desmond Gerritse's picture

Sad to see they still don't support hires export on mobile. Since I got my presets from my computer on Lightroom iOS it's the only feature I miss to be able to export and publish good photos on for example Instagram without the hassle of needing a computer.