A Breathtaking BTS Look at Clark Little's Shorebreak Photography

Clark Little captures the unique beauty inside of and looking through powerful Hawaiian shorebreak waves. In 2007 he told his wife not to bother buying a picture of the local shorebreak she brought home. He instead went out to create one himself. Being a surfer, he was already confident getting out in the thick of it. He started with a basic point-and-shoot camera and a cheap waterproof housing he found online, and he practiced his timing to get the wave just as it went over his camera.

After sending his favorite images out for some online exposure, he didn’t expect the reaction to be so explosive and woke up one morning to over 700 emails including offers from Good Morning America, the Today Show and Inside Edition to interview him on television. From just going out and doing what he loved, Clark’s photography career quickly evolved into international acclaim.

“I didn’t plan to be this wave photographer. I went out there because I love the shorebreak and I wanted to get a shot for the house. Nobody was doing it. [People were] shooting pipe, trying to get the next cover shot for the next magazine. I’d rather go out in heavy shorebreak with nobody out and capture some heavy four-lip monster throwing over with the sand sucking up. I have such a good time.”

You can read more about his adventures and see his photos at The Inertia, and you can buy his 160 page coffee table book as well directly from his website.

[via The Intertia]

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Peter Nord's picture

When my students ask how to take better photos, I say, "Shoot what you love so we can feel the passion." Now I have this wonderful example video. Thanks

braydon russell's picture

Another example of shooting what you love and people will take notice. Start with passion and some guts and you're off! Also...waimea bay on a 15 foot day....absolutely not. That is a scary, scary wave. I've personally been bashed there and this guy has some ball of steel. GO CLARK!

Aaron Brown's picture

It looks like an amazing place to surf!

braydon russell's picture

It's nuts. there is a 10 foot drop of right at the waters edge. so the wave sucks you up the face and drops you 10-15 feet down onto the sand. It's like a scary naturally occurring roller coaster. haha.

Awesome photos! Knarly! But I want to know, does he chimp his shots?

Who cares how he works? His final images are amazing :)

Why does it matter when the results are awesome?

I just want to know how much sand CL has had surgically removed from his ears over the years!