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Alpendorf Sunset

One of my favorite shot from last year trips to Alps in Austria. I was staying at a small guesthouse in a town called Alpendorf, placed on one of the slopes of a long mountain valley. The view you see here, placed at the other slope of the valley, was admired by us everyday from our balcony! Late afternoons and early evening often was bathed with soft, golden light. To capture this I used my longest focal length I had at a moment with me (70 mm), but it was significantly cropped. I would argue that to capture exactly that frame from were I was standing a 100-120 mm would be necessary.

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Fantastic. One question: Would you consider removing the power lines before you publish an image like this? I have a hard time leaving something like that in an otherwise pristine shot. I'm not judging, I'm just curious about your philosophy.

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Hi Dave!

Thank you for your thoughts! I have no issue with removing distracting elements. I took this photo a year ago and possible reasons why I left them in could be:

1. I didn't find them as much distracting to bother, and...
2. I was much less proficient with post-processing as I am today.

I like that photo very much and as there are some other things that bug me I may give it a post-processing redux. It may end up slightly different then this one, but I think the scene is worth it. It is also very probable that the power lines will go away this time. ;)

Have a good light! :)

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Awesome light. The amount of details is amazing. The soft light gives so much depth to the scene.

And BTW, yes, why not, try a redux pp on this. I do this as well. In dark winter nights the post processing devil comes into my home .. and he is hungry.

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Thank you, Jens.

That's a very probable scenario. During cold, long winter evenings, if I'm not trashing my ass in a waist-high snow I am most probably sitting in a chair with a book or catching up with some work that I put off to Narnia. Sometimes it means post-processing my "maybe someday" pictures, so I may give it a go.

As I mentioned, I like that shot very much - it was made directly from the balcony of a hotel room where me and m wife stayed for few days, during our motorcycle trip around Austrian Alps. And boy, how I wept, that I took only one lens (24-70 mm). This shot is also significantly cropped, so it's more like 100-120 mm effectively. I didn't make same mistake twice. ;)