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Sunrise at Arctic Henge

I have to admit - this wasn't the shot I was after that day. It was one of the few days during a year, when a rising sun can be seen exactly through the three of the "gates" in the Henge. But, as usual, weather didn't cooperate - there were thick clouds low to the horizon, blocking the sun during it's initial peak through the horizon. Nevertheless, I'm quite happy with the result.

Canon 5D MIII
185 mm · f/11 · 1/200 s · ISO 100
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I liked the result and the mood back when it was critiqued. I'm getting a strange Assassin's Creed: Origins vibe from this one, which works for me. :)

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Thank you, Dilyana. :) I'm super happy that you remembered it from CTC episode. :D

As for AC - I'm a huge fan myself (I even had one photo critiqued here with a Assassins figure composited in ;P) but I haven't play anything after 4th part (closing Ezio series) - I just didn't have fast gear to run next parts in their full glory (and enough time). But these series resonate very well with me, so it's exiting that it evoke similar association in you. :)

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I remember the other photo too, I think it was a part of the black and white critique? So far I haven't missed a single installment of the AC franchise so it was nice to see it featured. At first I thought it's a concept art :D

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You're right, it was part of the critique. Which was funny, as I uploaded two images - one was meticulously prepared, and the other one - this one - was "just for fun". ;)

The photo was pretty dull, initially, so I decided to add some flavor with atmospheric dust and Assassin's figure. :)

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Beautiful shot. It looks like a shot from the movie Stargate. Magical and very otherworldly!

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Thank you, Karma! Indeed, it has some magical feel to it and giving the portal-like shape I can relate to the Stargate as well. :D

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Great job. The Photo Of The Day Award is well deserved.

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Thank you, Jens. Much appreciated! :)

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So killer! Everything is great.

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Thanks, Daniel! :)

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Wow this is really stunning, this is the first time I see this, incredible shot !

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Thanks, Stef. This is not the usual angle, but that's what I was offered back then. Glad you liked it! :)