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Dziki Wodospad, Poland

As I'm going scouting the weather is usually pretty dull and flat (that's my luck). That day sky was overcast and it occasionally snow showered, but I didn't saw any direct sunlight at all. I decided to focus on one of the waterfalls in Karkonosze (Giant Mountains), called Dziki Wodospad (Wild Waterfall). I ended up with few compositions, of which one you can see here. I'll gladly hear your thoughts - what do you think? :)

Canon 5D Mark III
21mm · f/11 · 1s · ISO 100
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Leif Hegdal's picture

Exciting location, with a lot of movement and dreamy atmosphere. The shot is excellent - as you yourself seem to thing some sun would have brought more excitement to the landscape scene.

I see that your left may have been under exposed, and that when you pushed it in post processing you got color noise (I do that too)

So I love the right side of the image more than the left side.

Good lines, and nice brick wall.

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Hi Leif! Thanks for all your thoughts and suggestions.

As you mentioned, the scene would have different (and possibly more dramatic) look with some other light. I’ll definitely try to capture it again with different conditions, though it might be tough. The frame (and the look) is pointed almost exactly to the south, so the waterfall itself is almost always in shade. As far as I know, the only moment it can get direct sunlight is during summer sunrise. Will check that out. ;)

Regarding the left/right side of the picture. I tend to like the right side more, too. And speaking about the noise - it may be actually the snow, which was falling at the moment. You can’t almost see it on the right side, due to the fact it was covered with more trees than the left side of the frame. You can see some white streaks on the dark water and the white foam formed by long exposure on the left side of the frame. Is that what you were referring to? Or do you see some noise in other parts of picture?


Dorian Drozdowski's picture

Great shot! Love it! Pozdrowionka!

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Dzięki! :D Pozdro! 😊👍

Ralph Oechsle's picture

Great Image and scenery, very well done !

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Thanks Ralph! I can see you have some awesome photos yourself. Really like the composition of the Fire Brigade :)

Ralph Oechsle's picture

Thx Andrzej !

charles warren's picture

Great background and lovely photograph.

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Thank you, Charles! :)

joseph cole's picture

really nice

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Haven't noticed your comment 'till today. Thank you very much, Joseph. :)

Chris Wehling's picture

nice shot

Andrzej Muzaj's picture

Thank you Chris! :)

Chris Jablonski's picture

Beautiful image! Can't fault it. What noise? My eye roves around, savouring the whole scene. I think the overcast weather makes the shot. It might be dramatic with sun, but too easily postcard-like. Personally I much prefer cloudy weather for photographing waterfalls in general. All too many melodramatic images on the internet for me.

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I never got response to my question, so I'm not sure what noise Leif was talking about. And when it's an overcast day (which is pretty often here in Poland) I tend photograph more stream and waterfalls myself. These are perfect conditions for them. :)