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Folaldafoss Sunrise

This place was the very first where I stayed on a monthly-long trip to Iceland and Faroe Islands. This beautiful waterfall lies only 4 km from R1 road, and while it's not as big as some other popular ones (e.g. Skogafoss) it holds much charm and keeps you sitting there for hours, enjoying the view. Has a great place for setting up your tent. :)

On the technical side: this is a bracketed panorama: 9 verticals x 5 exposures + another 7 verticals just for water. I've only used around 25-30 shots in the end (didn't need all the brackets).

Canon 5D Mark III
26mm · f/11.0 · 1/13s · ISO 100
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Outstanding pano

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Thank you very much, Andres! Glad you liked it! :) Although now I can see, that it's not as sharp as on my computer - probably has something to do with a server compression.

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it looks great to me! it has that atmospheric feeling to it

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Much appreciated! :)

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Thank you, Eugene! :)