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Ice Wreck

One of the shots of famous Diamond Beach right outside of Jökulsárlón Glacier Lagoon. This huge chunk of ice was sitting there, unshakable and oblivious to everything around him - waves, rain and wind. Awaiting its soon end as part of the ocean.

This beach changes every day. Depending on the weather & tides you can find whole place filled with ice to the point you can barely walk, or you can find nothing there. The magic happens within just few hours and leaves you with a completely unrepeatable and unique scenery. It's a source of endless inspiration to me.

That day it appeared to me quite gloomy - the weather was also quite dark and nostalgic, light soft and dimmed. I really wanted to have the iceberg in a central, punch-in-the-face position. It's big, it's right in front of you - that's how I wanted to show it. I composed the shot and waited for the right wave to complement the composition and lead towards the ice.

I took this photo out of the closet inspired by one of the Critique the Community series titled Water. After all, this photo subject and content, to the very last pixel, contains only water.

I'm happy to hear your thoughts about the photo. :)

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