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"10 minutes from home"

There's a "rule" that I've heard over and over again - find a spot within 10 minutes walk from your home and shoot it every time you can. As a landscape photographer living in one of Polish cities I thought that would be impossible for me, to practice my craft in this kind of environment. Imagine my surprise, when I was presented with that view on one of my evening walks. What a stunning place to shoot! And I only wish I had found it earlier, before awful autumn weather kicks in.

This is one of the first shots I took there. For now I didn't had luck for doing any better. ;)

Happy to hear your thoughts!

Canon 5D Mark III
16 mm · f/14 · 2,5 s · ISO 100
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Wow this is amazing! That green/white contrast really pulls the viewer in. Great work! :)

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Thanks, Diogo! I got really lucky to find that one flower over there. 2 days later it curled down and never came back. ;)

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Beautiful! I like the balance you've achieved between the sky and that lush dark foreground; it creates a haunting mood.I think I'd have placed that flower more off-centre if possible, probably to the left.

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I'd like to play with more compositions myself, but I have to wait for spring to do that. Two days after I found this spot the flower has curled up and never showed up again. ;)

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