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Gentle Forest Creek

I had seen this location in photos many times and it immediately called out to me. Most photographers did not share the location to this picture however so it took me over a year to find it. I knew once I found it that this would be one of my best photos that I had ever taken due to how badly I wanted to experience this location. It was not only about capturing this beautiful place, but the adventure and amazement of seeing it in person. Finally after a year I found it. I had never used a 10 stop filter before, but for some reason I chose this to be my first try. This was the result. I believe it depicts it perfectly. What a gem inside the large Great Smokey Mountains this is. I used the methods learned from Elias Locardi in the Fstoppers Tutorial Photographing the world to do my post precessing.

Canon 5DS
30mm · f/9.0 · 393s · ISO 100
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Ryan Luna's picture

Nice. So where is it? lol.

Josh Tullock's picture

That would take all of the fun out of it though :P I will give you a hint. Its on the NC side of the park.

John Belknap's picture

Is this in Cherokee NC?

Josh Tullock's picture

John no, but you are warm :)

John Belknap's picture

I took this years ago going through the Cherokee area. When I saw your thumbnail here I thought it was mine. I'm going back in a few days but with a tripod this time. https://flic.kr/p/NR6hgn

Bryan Phillips's picture

Simple. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

Ramon Coloma's picture

Excellent capture!! Great job

Marko Lovrić's picture

Where can I find those methods for postproduction? Great shoot!

Jordan McChesney's picture

I love the contrast between the colours on the top and rocks on the bottom with the flowing water. A very simple and effective photo. Well shot!

Josh Tullock's picture

Thank you!!! I think that is exactly one of the things that drew me to this composition.

Daniel Lord's picture

Excellent use of a long exposure to soften blend the water movement as a backdrop for the rocks. Coupled with autumnal colors it makes for a striking landscape photo. I am in the West now, but was stationed at Ft Bragg for a time. The Great Smokeys and Blue ridge were my favorite mountain places. Linville Gorge was one of my favorites.

Josh Tullock's picture

I have been to Linville Falls, but not Linville Gorge. I plan on making it there soon though.

Philip Orgeron's picture

Mesmerizing! I love the synergy created by artistic intent and photographic strength working together

Josh Tullock's picture

Thank you so much for that feedback!!

Deleted Account's picture

Killed It!!

Sherry Bell's picture

absolute beauty, love the way the beauty of fall colored trees arch over the river. Excellent work here.

Josh Tullock's picture

Thank you! The canopy is what drew me into the shot for sure.

Ashutosh Tewari's picture

Its wonderful. Can you pl share which course is this(serial/name) so that i too can click something like this. its my dream pic, too.

Kevin Harding's picture

Gorgeous. Love the canopy which makes this shot.

Jose Luis Cantabrana's picture

Love the flow mate

Josh Tullock's picture

Thank you!! That 10 Stop filter really smoothed it out.

Nick Wiltgen's picture

so beautiful

Chris Walsh's picture

We vacation in Sapphire Valley, and hit all the hikes around there and up around Franklin. One day we might find this spot as well. Would be a great fall hike by the looks of it. Great shot!