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Fury of the Bay

Like so many other landscape photographers I am running low on content during the Covid pandemic. Going out for a shoot can be risky. So one night I was sitting on my front porch itching to just take a photo during a storm that was rolling through my area. I was pondering how to satisfy my photography desires, but not take dangerous risk in the process. I captured a bolt of lightning on my camera and it hit me!

"What if I dig through my old photos that didn't make the cut and try and spice them up using digital art or composite methods" It would bring a picture that was never to see the light of day to fruition. But how? That is were Fstoppers comes in and with all their tutorials and guidance I was able to take a very ordinary picture and turn it into what you see here. I was able to get my photography fix (As I still took the pictures) and work on my editing skills at the same time. WIN WIN. Hope you guys enjoy.

Canon 5DS
28mm · f/18.0 · 1/1s · ISO 100
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