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"I am Optimus Prime."

This Saturday a life long dream will become reality.

When I was a kid I constantly lived in my imagination. That might sound cool because things like ruby slippers, starships, laser swords and storm cats were my constant companions.

However my imagination had no filter. The horrors and fears of the dark always crowded around me. At night (trying to sleep but failing) I would stare into the shadows and overwhelming fear would cause my imagination to create some truly horrific concepts of what could be waiting for me.

And as cheesy as it may sound, I would say out loud, "Autobots - TRANSFORM AND ROLL OUT!" That was my battle cry. That was my assertion to the dark and the horrors that wait there: I have courage, strength and wisdom and I will not back away in fear. I will overcome it.

That voice was Peter's voice. I did all I could to imitate it and I watched the show religiously and the leadership of Optimus Prime became the foundation to which I grew up into the person that I am.

To some, it's just a cartoon. To me, it was everything.

This Saturday I will meet Peter Cullen, the voice of characters such as Eeyore, Venger and of course Optimus Prime. This Saturday I will meet the man that helped me overcome fear and taught me the power of courage. I made this piece to have him autograph it and while I'm there I hope to be able to tell him (briefly) what his work as an artist has meant to me.

Until then - ROLL OUT! :)

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