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Spiderman Far From Home


So excited to head down to the Phoenix Fan Fusion comic book convention today and once again be among my people. I really love attending these events for many reasons, but the one always at the top is the joy of acceptance. The folks that come to a convention, for a few precious days, get to be who they are without apology or fear of rejection and share that with the world. They are all welcomed and belong to a community that respects them, looks out for their well-being and celebrates their art and success.

Plus I get to do some nerd shopping and that is RAD.

In honor of today's events, I'm sharing this piece that I recently did with a wonderful young man who is truly the embodiment of Peter Parker and worthy of the name Spiderman. This "kid" is a part of a great organization called Comicare that sends heroes to hospitals and charity events and brings comic books to the youngest heroes that are fighting the battle of their lives. For a brief moment, they bring joy and courage to those kids in need and I am thankful they are out there doing good work.

So let's swing into action (I can't believe I'm going with that) and get to the con with SPIDERMAN!

Cosplayer: (IG) @arizonapeterparker
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

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