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Colors of the Cosmos

While at Shutterfest 2019...

I decided to explore more of the glamour art that I have been creating over the past few months. The conference is held in Union Station, in St. Louis and that backdrop provides a lot of amazing architecture to work against as a creative. However there is one signature space that everyone loves to shoot in. It's a floor that has hundreds of little glass squares that are illuminated.

I've been attending the conference for five of the six years and I have never once photographed anyone in or around that floor. Most people do create all types of work there and given my usual genre of composite art, I've never needed to work there.

However one of my three classes was held in that space. Calling back to my days in the theatre, I knew I had to create around that floor to connect with that space and be ready to teach in there. So Hailey, Zac and I trooped down to the light up floor, with a brilliant body paint design done by the fabulous Amanda and we proceeded to tell our glamour story, with a Reality Reimagined twist.

Model: Hailey S Cosplay
Assistant: Zac Eversole
Body paint art and hair design: Amanda Johnson
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

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