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Bringing Heroes to Life

The slogan of the Misfit Studios is "bringing heroes to life" and I personally know that they achieve that and more with the amazing work they do. They've attended birthday parties, charity events, children's night at zoos and sadly when the need arises, they proudly stand watch over the funeral of a child gone too soon from this world.

They do more than just show up to these events in costume. They embody the character of the hero and never drop it until they are safely out of site of their fans. To an adult that can be a little cheesy - "yeah I get it, your Thor and you do the voice an all, neat." To a child?

Thor, Scarlet Witch, Spiderman, Black Cat, Captain America, Black Widow, Ironfist and more are real! A child can lift the might of Thor's hammer, Mjolnir and feel worthy of the honor of Asgard. They can weave their inner power with Scarlet Witch or leap from building to building with Spiderman - care free of the troubles of this world.

This is cosplay. Whether it be at an event with children, or at a comic-book convention - cosplayers become a hero for a moment and in that moment their lives absolutely soar. I envy them and it is an absolute honor to create artwork featuring their passion and love. Friends, I give you Misfit Studios and the heroes that bring it to life.

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Fun poster :)

Thank you!