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Ruby Arcade

When you see the story, you can't break yourself from it.

I recently had the chance to travel to San Francisco to attend an evening of photography with Sal Cincotta, his amazing team, Matt Mathews and the wonderful folks from Canon. The event was called Canon Underexposed and it gave the attendees a chance to test some of the latest and greatest gear from Canon. The event was hosted in a space called the Colorbloq which was such a unique space to be in. Multiple cargo containers, painted one primary color and each featured sets inside of the container to depict a scene.

The event featured five unique photography setups with varying levels of fashion and styles. I took the whole scene in and when my eyes fell on this space below, I could not break them from it. I saw this wonderful young lady in the space, surrounded by skee-ball machines, lights from a wooden sign that stated the word "play" and I truly couldn't wait for Sal to shut his yap so I could got create. :)

The amazing gentleman from Canon that was assigned to this bay, not only gave me a little creative freedom to work for a few short minutes in the space - he fixed my camera too.

The model (who's name I didn't catch) was fantastic and her handler chased me down and very enthusiastically asked for my card to make sure they could get some of the work.

I love creating art and it fills my heart with joy and pride when I can see that my work, excites and inspires others. This night was filled with those moments and I am thankful for it.

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