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"Your fear tastes sweet and shall sustain me for eternity."


The Vampire Seer paused for a moment's reflection and then simply stated, "you - for eternity."

I don't know how I managed such a pure gale of laughter, in such a horrific place, but it tumbled from my lips in mocking delight. "I come to this accursed cave that you call home, seeking my truth, my future and that wisdom has a price of trading my soul for eternity?!"

I took one last look at the beast I came to bargain with and turned to leave.

"You've already agreed to my price. You did so when you entered my home." She whispered, calmly.

I was warned not to come here. Bargaining with the beast was not possible and the price was too high. With sickening fear creeping into my gut (like the touch of this horrific web) I spun to face my jailer. The Vampire Seer smiled as we both realized and accepted our fates.

"Your fear tastes sweet and shall sustain me for eternity. Approach and receive the wisdom you seek."

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