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Until The Last Moment

It's a wonderful thing to add a new genre to my body of work and one that I'm excited to step into.

The world of fashion has always been remarkable to me as an observer, but as an artist and photographer, I never thought I would step into that realm. My world consisted of lightsabers, magic spells and the costumes and characters to match. I could understand the character and therefor depict the world.

It is that same sense of storytelling that is my unique take on this genre of fashion photography. Letting the piece itself communicate a character and the threads of a story that we can weave with the designers vision. Thus far it seems to be resonating with the folks that are interested in going on the journey and I'm thrilled to bring my vision to a new realm of photography for Reality Reimagined.

Model: Veronika Call
Designer: Christine Adar Ammon
Photography and Photoshop art: Reality Reimagined

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