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After arriving, setting up and pressing the shutter on this frosty morning I heard a single howl from the depths of the forest nearby. 6 long seconds later a chorus answered the call of the lone voice and that was the end of this shoot.
NikonUSA D750
Tamron SP 45mm F1.8 Di VC USD
breakthrough.photography X4 CPL
3Leggedthing Albert Equinox Tripod
F8, ISO 100, 6s, 45mm

45mm · f/8 · 6s · ISO 100
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That is a gorgeous shot.

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Thank you Kevin! Hope you get to shoot this weekend.

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So you got a light show with the concert. Awesome! Beautiful image.

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It was quite a double whammy! I have never packed up my gear faster lol! Didn't even shorten the tripod legs.

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The coyotes, for some reason, didn't freak me out. But I went to Yellowstone solo in the fall of 2016... camped in a place I kinda wasn't supposed to... set up, got a couple shots of the MW... and I heard one veeerryyy distinct howl from a wolf. Just one howl. I bargained. Took another long exposure. Mr. Wolf howled again... much nearer, with some chuffed out warnings.

Yep, that crazy expensive Gitzo tripod got pitched into the back end of my truck like old pipes. After dismounting the Pentax, of course. Locked myself up in the back end. And hoped wolves didn't have can openers. :)