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Mt Zig Zag

A beautiful play of light and shadow creating dramatic leading lines toward Mt. Adams. This was completely unexpected as we arrived to photograph the end of the season milky way in the Oregon Desert.

320 · f/8 · 1/400 · ISO 64
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I never get tired of seeing the volcanoes as they seem to just pop up out of the desert landscape. Always something fun to shoot in Oregon. My first ever Milky Way shot was up on top of Steens Mountain down in Harney County. Ridiculously windy... loved every bone chilling moment. :)

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They tower over the desert and I love being able to use them as a compass for my travels. If you haven't noticed already, I loooove the desert. That must have been majestic on the Steens! I went to the Alvord in spring but was unable to get to the top of the Steens Mountain. Must have been amazing! Again, thank you so much for your comments🙏

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If I may be so pushy, you gotta go there!... after the snow melts... hopefully by May, and the road is opened... it's one of the most amazing locations in the NW. There's something like seven different vegetation zones as you drive up the mountain. Four amazing glacier carved gorges.
Bighorn Sheep. Mountain Goats. Have you been buzzed by an owl homing in like a hummingbird and pulling up short at the last second? And I thought I'd never leave the coast. Nope, the desert was awesome.

A 30 mile long volcanic uplift mountain is the Steens. Yep... my love affair with the desert is just barely below 18 amazing years with my wife. So, we moved to NY... haha... because, same sex or traditional marriage, it's still "happy wife, happy life."

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I'm one of three girl children. We got such a kick out of seeing The Three Sisters every time the folks took us camping.