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Steel Bridge at Night

Typically, I drive hours to remote locations to be completely isolated within nature so bright city lights and dashing cars are anything but my typical scene. Thus I sometimes forget how much I enjoy photographing the city until I'm out there walking the streets at night, finding the right angle, and watching cars drive by as their headlights paint within my frame. I've always found that the Metro buses create the best light trails and every time one passes in frame while I'm shooting, I smile a wide grin.
I took a very similar picture of this bridge a few years back but just felt sad about the original outcome after recently reviewing my cityscapes portfolio. Now that I can't seem to have a day off that coincides with a visible sunrise/sunset I may just succumb and find my way back through the city.

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Your details are so crisp. Really a pleasure to take in. Are the curved lines in the sky jets out of PDX?

Oh, to choose between the dark skies and the creative joys of wandering around Portland. The present was never so full. 🙃

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Thank you Cathleen, I have always loved capturing light trails. The curved lines in the top left are helicopter light trails that took off and on downtown. I was lucky to be there to snap it.

I have little to complain about where I live :)

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Ah, helicopters. Makes more sense then jets making 5G turns like that... haha.

I'm glad we're in NY, but I miss Oregon. Your work keeps me connected. :)