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Laura Rigon 01

We shot this days before the whole world went into lockdown with the Covid-19 epidemic..

I wanted to have a bit of fun and I had never done any shoots with balloons. I had seen so many that I wasn't that keen but I then had the idea of changing the balloons into something else but at the time didn't know what to do.

The backdrop is just a huge black muslin cloth and random items around the studio placed strategically around the model and then draped in more black cloth.

I had a strobe with a 1.2m octagonal softbox as the key light to the right, a rectangle softbox as a fill light to the left and finally, a strobe with a grided barn door as a kicker behind her to the right.

It wasn't till post production that I came up with the idea of changing the balloons to Siamese Fighting fish. I particularly wanted to use these type of fish because of the vivid colours and their beautiful flowing tails

Pentax 645z
55mm · f/11.0 · 1/125sec · ISO 200
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Great work as usual!!!

Thanks Jon