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Illa Se Liberat

I took this nude of a woman on white with just one softbox directly behind. I love how the light and shadow played out for this shot.

50mm · f/8.0 · 1/40s · ISO 100
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Really love that soft wrap around light Emily good job :)


The angular balance is wonderful, as is the lighting. I do wish that the entire head was left in, though. When I look at the other images in the portfolio, they're fine, but this one stands out for the unnecessarily cropped head.

Hi, Willy. Thanks for your comment. I have it without the crop and liked it better this way because of the attention to the form. There was something strange about the balance with the whole head left in to me for this particular image. I have another similar picture also with the head in which I simply like less. A personal choice to be sure. I appreciate your feedback.

In bio books I layout for work, I always have full heads on photos. I need to see it full, but that is because it is for items like annual reports. Haha.

But this time, I agree with you. I don't need to see more of her head. You put the right amount. The body language was strong enough to hold its own.

Great Form.

Beautiful. The model is incredible with her body language and curves.

.Beautiful light for a beautiful woman shape

I love well done black and white photography. This is fantastic!