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They Call It Mellow Yellow

Model @maxine_thirteen and I wanted to create a sixties summer theme for this shoot and decided to go with bright yellow.

This is lit with four lights--two with orange gels to light a black background, one with an orange gel for fill from below, and a white 17" white beauty dish as key.

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Nice image. You're kicking it old school with the song!

Donovan rocks! Just got some Donovan on vinyl. :)

LOVE this!

Wow. just amazing !! Composition. Pose. Expression.
If you can, Please share (a) Yellow tones on cheek and right palm was added in post or was lighting gel at the time of shoot? (b) if background was added in post?

mesmerising mood. cheers.


There were four lights in this setup. Two orange gelled lights on the background that also hit her arm and cheek. In a later version of this shot, I took out the yellow tone on her arm because I thought it was too yellow. There was also an orange fill light from below and finally, a white beauty dish with no gel as the key light.


Very stylish! I'm going after similar color palette on one of my next shoots, hopefully I'll come up with something as amazing as this!

Thanks! I ended up updating this one later because I thought the back arm was a bit too yellow, but I didn't want to take this one down. I only had a black background to use at the time, so I blasted it with light really heavy to make it yellow/orange.