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The Red Hatter

I worked on this concept for a long time. I wanted a unique style with all red items that would complement the sense of drama and movement I was going for.

This was achieved with four lights. One white light with 10 degree grid as the key light, one gelled red light on a black background behind, one red gelled fill light from below, and one red gelled light with reflector kept on through the long exposure to capture the movement.

50mm · f/11.0 · 3s · ISO 100
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This is one of my favorites of yours. Glad to finally see your work here on fstoppers.

This is my current favorite. :) I'm glad you think it's one of my best. It seems like it hasn't gotten as much love as some of my other work has lately, so I'm happy to hear you like it.

Hi Emily. Another superb continuation of your solo colour mood images. Composition. Mood. Pose. Appreciate you sharing about light set up.

A query. Are these composited images for background silky low shutter speed light movements? I assume the model features are quite sharp to have this as single exposure.


It's a single exposure. I did front curtain sync, snapped the shot with all of the flashes, then moved out of the frame. Moving out of the frame creates the red flowing light because there's a gelled light left on throughout the three second exposure.

So in other words, the flashes froze everything clearly at the beginning of the shot before the movement.

Emily, Sure. at the closer look the hat has left a trail behind. You may have left it for your creative reason.

Anyways, I admirer your work. you manage to maintain the balance, get the superb expressions from the models. and above all dignified creative mood.

Hi Emily. Thanks a lot for reverting back with more sharing. I got it. I also remembered using this in one of the workshops last year. though used a little differently.

This shot is really amazing I love it.

Thank you! This is my favorite shot in my portfolio right now, so I'm glad you love it too. :)

Beauty !

This is a very cool image Ms. Emily. The motion makes it work. Thanks for sharing

Thanks! I am looking forward to creating more long exposure portraits. :)

Code red! Definitely a favorite image. I don't think it would've been the same without the long exposure effect. Superb.

This one is my favorite from 2020 because everything really came together. I took a version without the long expo, and I totally agree that this needed the long exposure trail.