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Femme Rouge

I love experimenting with the color red!

This was a four light setup. To achieve this shot, I used an optical snoot with a spot gobo to achieve the white circle of light on the model's face. There is a beauty dish with red gel for fill just beside the camera. A 33" silver umbrella with red gel provides the edge highlight, and there is also a gridded and gelled light on the black seamless paper background.

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Emily, who is your model? She is gorgeous.. I love the way you capture the red with the black...

This one (and many of the rest) are actually self-portraits. I'm working on diversifying my artistic (as opposed to traditional portrait) portfolio, but it's been a bit tough the last few months. You're very kind.

I wish I had a model like you! But on a serious side, I do like what your photos..so, keep it up!

Wow! And that's not just on how great you look. I've tried self portraits and they're not easy.

Thanks! They're not easy, but I think they really help me experiment with lighting. For example, I don't have to worry about annoying someone with light setup changes. I think it helps me with pose coaching sometimes too.

I like it very much, awesome work, thx for sharing :)

The eyes have it. Many subtle points of interest including black shiny reflecting pearls around her long neck and shoulder. With her shoulders at different angles as if some movement. If her lips were closed any difference of her inquisitive expression? The spot-light fixed on her face as if caught in the act of spying? Nice cheek bones.

Thanks! I really appreciate you taking the time to leave detailed feedback and thank you also for the kind words. :)

Beautiful girl.


Beautiful image...it is executed perfectly.

Thank you so much!

Well done. Your description is inspiring. I generally use only a couple of lights but you've inspired me to break out my other lights.

Thanks, Hector! I have to remind myself sometimes to keep it simple. Lately I've been doing a lot of four light setups, so sometimes I challenge myself to do one or two light setups instead.

haha! We're coming at it from opposite directions! A lot of my gallery is 1 light.

And you get lovely results! I actually shot some window light recently and it was nice not fussing with the lights, so I need to mix that in more often.

Preciosa foto.. sutil, elegante y sofisticada. Ese color rojo es una maravilla..el reflejo en el iris del ojo, en el collar es perfecto, y el equilibrio de luces es.. perfecto! la mirada es una delicia.. enhorabuena, gran trabajo.

Thank you so much! I don't speak Spanish, but my friend helped me translate. I really appreciate your kind words.

Yes. Red. I get it! Very nicely done. For giggles, I'd love to recreate this in B&W, I loved high contrast B&W portraits long ago in college