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The Soldier

My friend Jay and I decided to do an American Civil War Union Soldier themed shoot.

This was a three light setup. A beauty dish key light, a softbox to provide some fill, and a background light on a brown canvas backdrop. A 24x36 Matthews flag was used to create the shadow along the left side of the face and hand.

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Well deserved Photo of Day!

Thank you!

Emily, you did it again! Keep it up.


So Good Emily!

Absolutely stunning picture!

Super photograph. But as Mr Antique Gun guy I have to point out that the revolver is so obviously a modern replica. I have an original Colt 1860 revolver that I use for similar pictures. Still love the picture, though

I find his checkered shirt cuff distracting in the overall photo; and, questionable for a period piece.

Thanks for your comment.

This was purchased from a site for historical reenactment. I am not an expert, but my reading indicates it was common for soldiers to wear patterned shirts under their uniforms, particularly in the winter. While I take the point that it may be distracting, I do not see any indication of it being particularly anachronistic.

I saw this on a critique and instantly loved the styling and light, not to mention the model is perfect for the role. Great work on the colors!

Thanks! He's actually just a friend of mine who happened to grow his facial hair out. He does some acting in the local community, so he's pretty good at playing characters for shoots too.