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Big Sky Country

After 2 days of snow and rain, a huge lenticular cloud moved through the Rockies and started a streak of really awesome sunrises and sunsets.

I was hopeful some of that same system would reach up to Glacier and make things interesting. Well sure enough, by 4pm a huge lenticular formed on the east side of the park and there was no doubt it was going to be an insane show at sunset. I headed to Many Glacier and started to scout around. I love the backcountry area around there, but I'm not crazy about Swiftcurrent Lake so I ended up heading up to the cliffs by the lake for sunset. Probably a mistake because the lenticular never moved that way and the lake ended up being the spot to be, I'm still hopeful I can put something together...I did spend some time around Swiftcurrent River before that and messed around with sunstars.

You can see how epic the lenticular was and this is about 2 hours before sunset. Got a nice sunstar too.

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Great capture!

Stunning composition and editing Matt

Outstanding shot Matt