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The Watchman

A few specs here then a little story - the streaks at the bottom of the frame are actually leaves moving through a little side pool. I was jacked to have this come together as I spent a lot of time looking for spots where fall leaves might be moving along the river. I took a bunch of 8-10s exposures at f/22, ISO 64 to capture the streaks. I was using a Nikon D810 and a Tamron 15-30 - shot at 22mm. The light wasn't out of this world, but I wanted to put something together from this night for two reasons...the leaf streaks and the story that follows.

So, about an hour before this my fiancé and I were at our campsite. We were going to book a Lower Antelope Canyon tour, but I realized that I needed to get somewhere for sunset so we hustled to pack up and drove along the road, stopping about 1/2 mile before The Watchman bridge. I went down to the river and did my thing. I came back to the car at dusk and we were starving, we were going to go to Oscar's (just a classic Zion spot). I told her to grab my wallet and after some looking neither of us could find it anywhere. Well, we had both our IDs, all our cash and credit cards, pretty much everything in there. We were left with some peanut butter, trail mix, and 150 miles in the gas tank. We finally realized that one of us had left my wallet on top of our rental car...and as we were driving we actually heard something hit the car, but we figured it was just a rock or something...it was the wallet. We spent the rest of the night searching along the side of the road with headlamps and we let one of the park rangers know. After giving up, we headed back to the camp site and had a pretty measly campfire...made plans to try and somehow get back to Vegas and find a way to get home - still had about 4 days left on trip :(. Next morning, I took a bus into the park to shoot sunrise and when coming out, I had a voicemail from the park. Someone had found my wallet and turned it in. THANK GOD. I picked it up at the visitor center and everything was there, it looked like it had been run over multiple times...but we were so thankful that we could continue our trip. We got super lucky and I was so happy we were able to make it to the Grand Canyon and Page, AZ so my fiancé could see some of the areas of the southwest that I love so much.

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Perfectly processed and a fresh POV from a popular place. I truly enjoy looking at this image, congrats!

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