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Red Towers

This is the Court of the Patriarchs of Zion. One of my favorite places in the park, the three towers absolutely dominate the scene. It's a great place to watch sunrise or sunset, and this is the latter. After spending a long day in the Narrows, I hadn't planned much for sunset, but when the light looked like it could be something I thought I'd check out the Court. I took this an hour before sunset so I didn't get that super soft sunset light, but there were some nice clouds. At sunset, the sky was completely clear and everything had dissipated. Such a great view though, I always think about the climbers that scale up those red walls...pretty crazy. I jumped in the Virgin River with my waders on and took a few shots. I always like my water between 1s or 1/6s, and I shot this at 1/5s to get some more texture in the moving water.

17mm · f/16.0 · 1/4s · ISO 64
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Loved the lighting of the scene, with that the depth is increased. Great work.

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Beautiful landscape Matt

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