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Dame Écarlate

This is another shot from my red series.

This was a four light setup. To achieve this shot, I used a reflector with ten degree grid camera left. There is a beauty dish with red gel for fill just beside the camera. A 33" silver umbrella with red gel provides the edge highlight, and there is also a gridded and gelled light on the black seamless paper background.

50mm · f/8.0 · 1/250s · ISO 100
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You look gorgeous...in red or without! oops, did I say that? !!!

This is really good!! I tried something similar a couple of weeks ago! I used a 3-light setup: 2 gelled and one snoot! I suppose I should post it on FStoppers, LOL. But, you can find it on IG: @artemcogitatio

Lovely bright lighting on forehead lips and eyes. Well balanced across entire face. That must have taken a lot of time to get such a unique pose.

These portraits always end up taking me awhile, yes. I play around with the lighting sometimes beforehand in a lighting program, which helps somewhat. :)

Gorgeous image. Love the red.

Thank you! I love working with red. I find it comes up fairly often in my work.