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This Short Film Perfectly Captures Everything it Means to Be a Photographer

My friend Mykii Liu shared this video on his Facebook this morning and I really felt like I had to pass it on. This film focuses on a young woman who talks about the simple things she has, why she has them and what they mean to her. Not only is the message great, but the manner in which this is filmed is also fantastic. 

What do you carry with you? 

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Seoirse Brennan's picture

Wow ... what a dedicated artist and photographer.
Love the feeling the video brings with it. Very nicely done.
I used to bring my camera everywhere I went... I have stopped. Don't know why.

Scott Mosley's picture

I too used to carry my camera everywhere and have stopped. Even though my iPhone is constantly filling with photos, it's not the same.

Kristjan Järv's picture

Loved it!

Sara Smoot's picture

When I tell people that I aways consider my photographs to be piece of art, similar to a painting or sculpture, they rarely agree. I'm involved in drawing, sculpture, music, and photography is an art to me just as much as any of them.
Great video, beautifully done!

James Nedresky's picture

Very nice little video. Some of the most personally rewarding images can be found when you're not being paid to look for them. It always brings me back to why I became interested in the first place.

Chuck Eggen's picture

Cudos to the videographer and editor! Very well done. It's easy to overlook the creators when caught up in the message.

Filip Wesołowski's picture

When you think about it overlooking the creators and being caught up in the message means that creators did a great job. And it kind of is the biggest complement you can pay them :) One of the favorite quotes of legendary editor Walter Murch comes to mind.

"Good editing makes the film look well-directed.
Great editing makes the film look like it wasn't
directed at all"
Victor Fleming, 1939

Karl-Filip Karlsson's picture

iam a sucker for piano music.. love it!

Ray King's picture

Great video. Reminds me not to over complicate things. Less is more

Percy Ortiz's picture

today I started taking my camera with me… again… :)

Brandy Yowell's picture

I really love this!

Jan van Thoor's picture

beautiful!!! the content, the colors, everything....

RUSS T.'s picture

nicely done

Chris Blair's picture