How to Use Photoshop's Powerful New Masking Features

Lightroom and Photoshop have made some major steps forward in masking capabilities, and complicated masks that used to take a lot of intricate and time-intensive work can now be made in mere seconds with just a click. This great video tutorial will show you where to find Photoshop's new AI masking features and how to use them for quick and precise edits. 

Coming to you from Aaron Nace of Phlearn, this excellent video tutorial will show you how to make new AI masks in Photoshop. Masks are some of the most annoying parts of editing, as they don't involve any of the actual edits and often require a variety of tedious techniques to get just right. With Photoshop's and Lightroom's new AI masks, I find my edits improving simply because I am willing to do more to images. Edits that would improve a shot but that would not have been worth the time previously can now be done with just a few clicks, and, of course, that increased efficiency and decreased focus on masking makes the entire process more enjoyable as well. Check out the video above for the full rundown from Nace. 

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